Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day Out: 1940s Wartime Weekend and Vintage Fayre at Kelham Island Museum.

I know, I hang my head in shame; I have deeply neglected my blog lately!!!! But I've been soooo busy! I desperately want to get back to doing product reviews as I have so many products I can review for you!!!! But for now I have yet another quick vintage/fashion post for you...

So last weekend I went to Kelham Island Museum with my parents who came up to visit me whilst I'm on my 10 week placement over the summer holidays. I thought we'd be going on the Sunday, so when I got dressed on the Saturday I wasn't fussing over what I wore, but we ended up going on the Saturday instead, so unfortunately I didn't wear anything much very vintage. But my jewellery was vintage (earrings and necklace set and bracelet both from The Sheffield Vintage Fair previously seen here on my blog).

It was a splendid day! It was colder than it has been all week, though I think I appreciated the respite from the heat that day. There were some vintage stalls, where I bought a bag and some postcards, live singing and dancing, guns and shooting, open top bus rides and a couple of shows were put on too; including a mock of a fire caused by bomb. We actually went on the open top bus ride around Sheffield and we learnt about a few Sheffield war time and industrial facts. 

And probably the biggest and best highlight of my day... Being stopped to model two lovely ladies lovely hand made vintage style hats and fascinators!!! Of which you can see some of the pictures that my Mum took while they were taking their picture. I pretty much ended up model ALL of they're hats/fascinators. They have been kind enough to email me with all the pictures, and are in the process of setting up a Facebook page to advertise their business. But for now, I unfortunately can't link you to a website, but as soon as I can I promise I will!!! 

And so here comes the huge string of photos from Saturday... Enjoy!!!

The first time I modelled some fascinators/hats (they grabbed me again a second time)

How adorable?!

Seriously, these two boys were so cute and so well behaved all day and they were very photogenic too... I'm only 20 and I already can't wait to have children! I'd be dressing them up like this on WW2 events too! Someone find me a man now please?! I'd love to start my own little vintage family!!!

Time for a bed time story (I think I'm going to edit and play with this one a bit, think it will be full of even more charm and character with a bit of tweeking)

Some of the stalls within the museum; a museum makes a perfect vintage stall set up.

By the way did I mention we accidentally snuck into the fair and the museum without paying?! We honestly didn't mean to, we were passing time before it opened and found a back way in, and just went wondering. I feel really bad about it, though it did save us a few pennies. We then felt obliged to go on the open top bus tour, which they didn't even charge me for for some unknown reason! Even as a concession fair for being a student I should have paid! :S (It was probably fate, because I forgot to get any money out before we went as I wasn't expecting to go that day, so Dad was having to pay for everything.)

Oh dear... Reasons why to wear your best underwear whilst dancing...

Had to pull a silly face for Mum's camera

Supplying the café with the fish fingers... Jk. ;)

For more information about the event please check out: http://www.simt.co.uk/whatson/kelham-island-museum-1940s-wartime-weekend-and-vintage-fayre-2013

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed my day there!!!

Lots of lovely love,

Lilian x

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  1. Lovely blog Lilian. Great photos, too.Hope the placement is going well.When I see your photos, I am thinking Casablanca, Brief Encounter, but most of all this beautiful lady - Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep.