Monday, 13 May 2013

The Sheffield Vintage Fair

So as promised a post on The Sheffield Vintage Fair!!! As usual I went with an idea of what I hoped to find, but alas I could not find those things, but I didn't find some other little gems that were all under a tenner, which I think is very good considering the usual prices of items at these special fairs are normally over a tenner per item. This is the outfit I decided to wear

And this here is a very bad picture of my hair:

(It started the day off rather wildly, and even outside in the wind and the mist/rain it didn't settle very much)

When we got in we had a quick look round before heading straight to the cake stall. We were very hungry and hadn't had any breakfast so I think cake and pink lemonade was in order. My friend Kayleigh got a heart shaped cookie; how freaking cute! Now I follow the lovely lady who did the cakes on Twitter, and these cakes and her pink lemonade was to die for so go check her out here!

There was also live music by this wonderful lady, who's voice was pure classic!!! I'm afraid I didn't catch her name, so can't link you to her site or anything. But trust me when I say she was honestly brilliant; she sang some great classics including a favourite of mine 'Fever'. 

Why is she posting a picture of a random black dot you say? Well, let me tell you how geeky I truly am. This was the stamp to say you've paid to get it. And I saw it and was like "asdgajsbdfkjsadgi! Why didn't they stamp this onto the palm of my hand?!?!"... Now, I do believe only fellow Whovians and Doctor Who freaks will understand the reference to the 'black spot'.

 And now for the three things I purchased all for a grand total of £9.40... (the glasses being £4.40, and the other two things for £5):

 I was just going to get the skirt but it was two for £5 or one for £3, so I thought I might as well grab something else, and as soon as I tried on the chinese jacket I fell in love with it. (I know a lot of people are going to think, "What the hell?!" to both pieces but I've always like the odd wacky item of clothing.)

And the glasses! Oh my, I don't even need glasses technically, but I sure as hell did need these!!!

(Also, new HIM album!!! OMFG! So happy when this arrived in the post!!! 
I love this band so freaking much, I pretty much cried when listening 
to it in bed for the tenth time that night)
(Playing with hair styles and glasses)

And here's how they look today:

They're big, bold and beautiful! And when he hair is flat, straight and dull, it adds a little 'omph' to my style along with my orange Lily hair clip too!

I know it's not much but that's my post on The Sheffield Vintage Fair. But here is a link to Alexandra Waring (who I follow on Lookbook and Instagram) and her blog on the Sheffield Vintage Fair (for which she took a picture of me! *blushes*).

So until next time, remember to go check Alexandra Waring and The Lady Of Vintage out!


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  1. You sweetie! I thought you looked familiar- seen your blog before!! Glad I got a pic of you, you looked gorgeous :) xxx