Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Sheffield Vintage Fair! I make an effort to go everytime

I make an effort to go every time, and this weekend's one was special because all profits went in aid of  St Lukes Hospice. I found myself a few treats, so maybe going with my friend Rosie wasn't the best, she's great at finding a bargain, yet she always finds the things that call to me to buy. 

So really quickly here's what I wore today. This is the skirt that got a guys attention when he called me "beautiful", then he asked how old my boyfriend was and fell for it, said I don't have a boyfriend, to which he replied in a whisper, pointing at himself, "me"... He then asked me to buy this joke book which was part of a redundant person scheme (a way of them making money whilst looking for a new job), and said if I give in and buy it he'll take me to dinner and make it up to me and then said "I'll treat you special" (bad grammar I know, but the sentiment was there)... I turned down the offer to buy his book and he still asked for me number... I just smiled, blushed and excused myself.

I have honestly never been approached like that because, I've had sleaze-bags 'hit on me' or try to flirt with me when I'm out at a club, but never on the streets before, never sober, and never so nicely. Haha, I'm sure it was just a ruse to try and get to buy his little joke book, but still it flattered me greatly. It was just what I needed lately after all the stress I'm in from my university work load.

I also had a lovely American lady approach me in the Vintage Fair and asked where I got my skirt, to which I told her it was from New Look about three years ago... Which disheartened her a bit, but my friend directed her where there was some similar skirts in the fair... She quickly disappeared to that stall!

And so, for the few things I bought:

I also got this lacy-ruffle blouse, which I reckon will look great tucked into a skirt or a pair of skinny jeans (the pictures do NOT do it justice at all.)

WOOOOO! Also my dress arrived! I bought it off the other day, £10.35 (in the sale, plus student discount)! It's a very bold pattern, and not something I would normally be attracted to but I LOVE it! The bold pattern is complimented and toned down by the elegant design and flow of the dress! I cannot wait to put this with some black heels and go out in it! It's going to be my motivation dress; like how some people have a goal dress for when they are dieting, except it's to push me through these four assignments (of which I need to go a crack on with now, so I'll try and wrap this post up quickly).

 (Accidentally wearing my beautiful animal print slipped to match too)

And really quickly; lipstick! I bought this around Christmas time and forgot to post about it. It's from body shop, and it's a classic red with a little shimmer, glitter and shine to it. It's a perfect glossy daytime lipstick, great to mix with a lip balm if you want colour and protection from the bitter winds.

Until next time... Au revoir et merci!

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