Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fashion post: I may be shy at first, but I'm an animal at heart

I have to admit, I normally hate tying my hair up; I have a serious dislike for my forehead, I think it's huge. But for this dress I felt that it was too much to have my hair down with such a bold dress, so I tied it into a bun and pinned the front of my hair up to give a bit of volume to it. It wasn't the neatest bun in the world and I had planned on having a curly bun, but I went into town that day and it instantly dropped out in the wind. I have a few pictures of what it looked like up close here, and like I said it truly is not the best but I did have quite a few men approach me last night, which NEVER happens, so I must have done something right:

My make up for last night; can't deny I wasn't proud of those flicks

When I got back I was playing with my other red velvet  
scrunchie and then took out my pins and it stayed because 
I used Silvikrin hairspray which is amazing! Haha!

As you can see I used a fair few pins, which did not blend with my hair and stood out a fair bit, but I was still impressed that I did it and that it looked okay and that I didn't break down and cry whilst doing it, as I normally would because I can't do anything right!!! :)

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