Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hair: colourants

So I've been using this colour lately:

Once I've decided on my new hair colour I'm going to use a hair stripper firstly, even if I decided to keep brown, because I'll be going back to using L'orĂ©al Castings which is more conditioning for my hair and never made it thinner or more static like this Nice n Easy has.  (Note to all: Only use Nice n Easy if you have thick hair, not if you have flat, thin, straight hair like myself)

And so when I finally choose a hair colour it'll be one of these... What do people think? I even considered going mousy/ash dark-blonde like my natural hair looked after coming back from Australia...

One that's closer to my natural colour

A light brown with a hint of auburn

Another with a hint of auburn, but lighter

And this is the ginger I previously had

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