Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hair: Colour and style

Okay so my Ma keeps nagging me to grow my hair long again, and to dye it lighter too. I'm not sure if she wants me to be ginger again or just my natural colour, whatever that is now. :/

Ma's favourite picture of me is this one:

She said she wants my hair like this again. It is nice, but it was so hard to curl!!! I had that in a twisted bun overnight (which is really not healthy and gave me split ends, but then again I get them now still) and it never lasted all day; they dropped within an hour or two usually. :(

But... I'm undecided about my hair.

At the moment my hair is dark brown and I used Nice n Easy, which is great coverage, but not that great for your hair. So it's dry, static, flat (incredible flat), and thin. So I have one box left of that dye, but I might be able to exchange it for another (emphasis on the might as I have no receipt). So my question to the world tonight is, what should I do?

I found some old pictures of my natural hair colour, when it was very long and ginger, and as it is now, short and dark (and some short and ginger ones too)... Please, please, please comment and tell me what colour you reckon I should go and what length! Thank you!!!

My natural hair colour, unstyled and mid-length not long after I dyed it ginger:

I'm unsure as to whether or not this is my natural colour or if it was after I first dyed it which didn't take very well to my hair as it was the first time dying lighter (and only the second time of dying it ever):

Long ginger hair:

I think on this night I borrowed someone's straighteners 

One of rare occasions it curled

This is what it looked like on and everyday basis: 
unstyled and 'flicky' it was why I hated it so much and 
chopped it off because I couldn't ever do much about it.

Long but darker hair (didn't get many pictures of my hair like this as the dye faded back to ginger very quickly and then I cut it all off):

Being a prat as usual

And suddenly I decided to chop it to shoulder length, then when I was getting it cut said, yeah, just above the shoulder. And when I looked down onto the floor and saw all my hair I realised just how long it had been!!! Haha!

Short hair (faded back to ginger):

Short dark hair (as it is now):

So yeah, let me know what colour and length I should go for. I'm so pale and tired from uni work lately that the dark hair is washing me out slightly, but I felt the same when I had the ginger hair. So I'm no sure which is best... But I was thinking if I can't decide I'll go for shoulder length dark brown hair until I do decide, I'm only 2-3 inches away from being just below shoulder length.

I just want something that suits, is manageable, healthy and can be styled with a vintage twist everyday, and still curled for occasions!

Thank you, xxxxx


  1. Long and bright red!! Cannot believe how much you look like Beth with long hair!

  2. I just love long hair, so my opinion is going to be biased but I think you should grow it out. Long hair is great.