Friday, 12 October 2012

Christmas shopping: 10 weeks to go

Christmas will start for me in 10 weeks time. I have 10 weeks on placement for my degree before I get to go home on 21st December. So that means I only have 10 weeks of Christmas shopping, which would be plenty of time normally but as I'm going to be working 8-4 most days as well as working on a case study at the same time, I don't really have that much spare time to shop.

I've already started absent-mindedly trawling on Ebay hoping something would hit me... Something I could get for my sister and my father. I can always figure my mother out, and I struggle to buy something other than bodywash for my sister and my father, well, he's the worst person to buy for. He never needs anything, or wants anything and if he does, he gets it himself.  Last year though, I managed to find two awesome Star Trek pieces, a bookmark and glasses lenses wiper. I truly doubt I'll think of anything as original like that again this year.

But Christmas shopping on a whole is just so exciting! I'm more interested in the decoration, the baking, the music, the tree, the dinner and the Christmas Day TV than the actual presents. But I have a slight shopping addiction as I'm sure anyone who reads this blog may know, so I feel really out of my comfort zone when I can't find the right thing when shopping.

My family are mostly practical when it comes to Christmas, so I try to find things that they'll need but not necessarily buy themselves. So why oh why is this so difficult this year? I guess it has to do with the fact that I'm away at uni and I don't actually know what they need. Last year my sister had just got her first car, so car accessories were appropriate, but this year I'm not sure what she needs. But at least Beth and I know what we're each getting Mum... I only have to worry about Beth and Dad now, and I'm totally lost.

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