Thursday, 20 September 2012

Product review: Soap and Glory's Supercat carbon eyeliner

Oh. My. Golly. Gosh.

Before I've only ever used 2True's liquid eye liner pots and I liked them because they had a sponge stock applicator, which I felt held more liquid on, so gave the better coverage. But I saw that S&G was on offer, and I have a superhero night out soon and I'm going as Catwoman, so wanted to be able to perfectly, almost professionally, do some feline eye liner.

I tried it the other day, as just a simple day look, no fancy smoky eye effects just a nice gentle flick at the end. It was so so easy to apply, I've never used an eye liner that's been so smooth! The colour is nice and bold, in one single sweep you can get the perfect, quick drying flick (unless you shake like me, I always take it slowly instead!). It's also very easy to wash off, or wipe away with a damp cotton bud if you make a little slip.  I don't know what else to say about it, other than it's definitely worth the try!

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