Saturday, 1 September 2012

Product review: Lady Gaga's new perfume! The Fame!!!!

Oh my! Have you smelt it? No! Why not, Ladies?

It's very different... At first I thought it smelt like a weaker version of Diesel's Loverdose, which I love but can be too sickly sweet on my skin. But then after letting it sit on the testing card for a bit longer, it started to smelt a little like strawberry Calpol and licorice... So, as I'm sure most or you know, though some of you may not, perfume smells differently on each person's skin.

So the first time I tried it on my skin, I sprayed it onto the backs of my hands and rubbed it in as I was already wearing YSL - Parisienne on my wrists and neck. And oh my it was so gorgeous!!!

I put some on again today at work and I can still smell it! And I've had it on all day! I still say that it's kind of like a lighter version of Loverdose, but it's sexier; it almost adapts to your skin and changes smell throughout the day, so each time you smell it you get a waft of some other undertone/scent. I seriously love it! Even my Mum likes it!

The only thing that worried me was that it was black. As awesome as that may be I was scared it would mark my white clothing. But my colleague said she even tested it by spraying it onto the corner of her work shirt and it didn't mark (I have yet to try this myself). The best way to make sure that doesn't happen is if you don't spray too close, because then it has time to magically turn clear as it leaves the bottle, and it did look slightly grey on my skin when I sprayed really close. So ladies, do it the old fashioned way; spray and then walk into it. You'll get head to toe coverage and it'll give it time to turn the perfume clear, and make you smell sexy all day long. ;)

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