Thursday, 9 August 2012

Product review: Tesco's own hair setting spray

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So my dear Ma bought this for me to put in my hair when I tie it in a bun overnight, as I often do to give me slight waves and save me from blow-drying it straight. I had a L'oreal product very similar once that my Nan gave to me, which worked brilliantly for me, but I never have found it again.

I'm sure I speak for a lot of people out there when I say "my hair never curls!!!!". I can get it to curl for about half a day, and within an hour the right side of my hair always go flat whilst the left side, which has a few more layer from my fringe, stays wavy still. Normally for me to get the best curls I have to have one or two day old hair, that doesn't have conditioner in it, and it covered with half a can of hairspray. I have great difficulty getting my hair to stay curly, even after spending an hour or two on it.

So I was pretty impressed by this tesco spray I used. I put it in my 70% dry hair, which I had treated with my intense S&G conditioner and my Herbal Essences treatment cream, tied it in a bun overnight. I didn't expect it to take at all, but when I took it out in the morning I had nice soft waves throughout. The curls were soft and fluffy and not crispy like some setting sprays make them, so I could still run my fingers through. And, as all curls do, they did drop during the day but they lasted a lot longer than I expected.

An added bonus is the natural smell it has, it doesn't smell chemically like you'd expect from a cheap range.

4 out of 5
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