Sunday, 26 August 2012

Product Review - Spot on!

Spots! We all get them, big ones, small ones, lots of tiny ones all at once, or some time a few brutes that just won't go away!

I used to have really bad blackhead around my nose and on my chin, as well as a new brute of a spot each week. They'd be big, red, painful and in THE most obvious places, like right in the middle of my forehead or right on my chin... I tried tons of products! Clean and clear, witch hazel and tea tree, clearasil... You name any typical teenage spot treatment product and I've probably tried it once!

So I guess the real question is what did I finally settle on?

At 15 years old I started taking the pill, this helped to normalise my hormone levels which helped reduce the number of breakouts I had. However I am still prone to spots, and my daily diet is reflected on my skin so I have to constantly try and be healthy. However we all know that this is not possible; a teenager eating healthy everyday? No. Just no. So I invest in a fair few products to treat my spots and prevent breakouts when I can feel them coming.

Spot on!

Right now I have three 'corking' great big spots, which all feel like bruises and bite more than spots.
Unfortunately these three brutes surfaced very quickly, so I couldn't try my usual prevention treatments. But I'll tell you what I would normally use:

Germoloids cream... Sound gross? Maybe. Yes, I use hemorrhoid treatment on my face! But I honestly swear by it! It's great for shrinking those big bruisers before they surface! Don't ask me the mechanics of it, I just know that it works for me! It's always great to use as an eye cream (I wear it overnight as it dries funny and makes your skin very very white) to help reduce baggy eyes and gives them a little pepping. 

Constant attack of blackheads a problem? Blackheads always clogging up further and turning into full on spots? Solution = Quinoderm! (Haha! I sound like a TV advert!)

Now, Quinoderm is a very powerful over the counter medicinal cream. It contains Benzoyl Peroxide, which is a chemical that helps lift dead skin cells off your skin, promotes new skin to grow and reduces bacterial levels on the skins surface. Now as this is an over the counter medicine it should not be used incorrectly, over-used, misused, nor should it be used if you don't really need to, if you have other methods that work try them first!!! I used this because I constantly get spots and I only ever use Quinoderm when I feel my pore are clogged up more, that I have more blackheads than usual, or when I have some spots that have surfaced. And when I do use it I only use it two or three times a week. Your face MUST be clean before applying it, and you mustn't put anything on top of it, and it's for this reason that it's probable best to use it at night.

I would recommend using a 5% rather than the 10% I use, as it can kinda sting your face a bit (please don't get it anywhere near the eyes! It hurts so much!). And as it is a medicine I would recommend maybe researching into it more or speaking to a healthcare advisor or pharmacist at any chemists. But aside from all the warnings I'm giving you about how strong it is and how careful you have to be using it, I honestly swear by it! I even had to buy some for my mum and sister as they kept using mine! It's that good! But as always if a spot wants to surface, even after using Germoloids and/or Quinoderm, it will. Just let it surface, let it breathe for a night or two if you can then maybe try treatment again. 

Now, not all spots are the same... So what about those super annoying ones that are empty of all that Sebum, or 'white pus' as many of us know it as, and then they scab up and dry out? They're still there but they're just not as angry as before. You want to get rid of them but everything else you have is tea tree based, exfoliating, chemical and drying... So what can you use next? I use something that was advised by our family friend in Australia. It's very expensive, but I'm sure if you check it out and check there other products you could easily find an alternative (or just fall in love and buy some). It's called Ella Baché. The particular product I have doesn't seem to exist any more, but I use Ella Baché's Soin Purifiant Intensif - Créme Intex nº2. It's a purifying cream, it's moisturising and ph balancing... It's reason why my friend from school always used to stroke my face because it made it baby soft.

The product I had was from the classic range, and the two nearest one I can find to it are the Baume Purifiant and the Crème Intex No.2.

Other products I sometimes use: 

  • Avon Clearskin blemish treatment (no longer made however), and Boots Skin Clear stick, both of which are anti-bacterial, so are great to use throughout the day after accidentally rubbing your face with dirty hands. 
  • I use Sanctuary's Daily Face Wash and Soap and Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It to help keep my skin clean and soft (both featured in previous post 'Soak It Up Sunday'). 
  • I also use No.7 Pore Refining serum (when I remember to) to help prevent pesky blackheads around my nose! And I use, practically everyday, No.7 Calm Skin to reduce that red glow I get especially after using Quinoderm the night before!

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