Friday, 24 August 2012

Product review: Hair colourants - Loreal Castings Vs Boots Colour

For about two, maybe even three, years now I have used Loreal Castings Amber hair dye, I also briefly went for Black Cherry, both of which were fantastic! The hair dye took very well for both, and the application was easy enough for my Mum (I'm too stupid/clumsy to do my own hair). But recently I tried their Chestnut Honey colour in the hope to go back to brown. But I guess after being ginger for so long, it just didn't want to take. So, as you can imagine, I felt a little let down by my one and only favourite hair dye. :(

So the other day in Yarmouth Boots I found they still the Boots Colour range, as my store that I work in only has Boots Botantics, so I had a little look and pick up two Warm Medium Brown dyes (glad I got the two, the bottles are smaller than Loreal's), and as they were on 2 for £5 I thought I honestly couldn't go wrong and it was worth a try. Better try dye for £5 than spend £12 on a hair stripper and then dying a little darker so as to give so high and low lights and so I'm not practically blonde... As the peroxide in the hair dyes that I have previously used will have permanently lighted that hair, so my roots will still be darker than my lengths.

So my first ever experience with Boots Colour... Firstly I'd like to say I'm glad I have lots and freckles and a tan right now. Because as I sit here waiting for it to develop I can't seem to get the smudges off my forehead (and ears), but I'll get some nail varnish remover on it later as that should hopefully work, and sting like a bitch on my spot (review on spot treatment to come soon too!).
The bottle is a lot smaller than Loreal's and it's harder to squeeze the colour into the developer, especially as the Loreal developer and colour screwed onto each other so if you slipped the two wouldn't spill. Unfortunately, the Boots Colour is a cheaper brand and doesn't have this fancy feature so when trying to squeeze the colour out of the tube, which was difficult enough, it kinda spilt... Well it jumped across the bathroom and splatter the bath tub and a few tiles :S

Also when mixed the dye was difficult to squeeze through the nozzle so mum gave up and just screwed off the lid dollopped it on my hands and did it by hand! Haha! Eventually we got it all on my hair (some on the floor, some on Mum, some on the bath and some on the wall)... And now I'm just waiting.

In fact my timer has done... So let's rinse it off and go see how well, if at all, it has taken.
I'm nervous... Like very nervous! :S

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