Sunday, 29 July 2012

Soak it in Sunday! (product review and ramblings)

Sundays are the only day that I'm guaranteed to have off from work (during the holidays when I'm home from uni). So we either go out and do stuff as a family or we stay at home and do our own things. Today I woke up rather lazily... I got up brushed my teeth than crawled back into bed and started to read! But I hate not getting up and making my bed; if I don't I feel as if the day hasn't started and that I've wasted it all away. So I ran myself a lovely hot bath and pampered myself, turning it into a 'Soak it in Sunday'. And here are all the products I used to do just that...

(The products are actually in order of use from left to right)

I bought the Soap And Glory stuff quite recently and I love it! The 'Scrub Your Nose In It' is the best exfoliant ever, it has a menthol tingling sensation to it and leaves my skin feeling smooth, revived and fresh. And the 'Glad Hair Day - Intensive Conditioner' not only smells amazing, it feels it in my hair. I also just a coconut mouse and the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends leave in cream to help with my very draw straw like split ends. And oh my! Together, the shampoo, conditioner, mouse and leave-in cream (and the heat protection spray used when I blow dried my hair) has left me with new hair. And I even get wafts of fruity/florally smells every time I move my hair thanks to the S&G conditioner! Of course I still have some split ends, but to me they have noticeable reduced in appearance and my hair feels super soft and easy to run my fingers through and it still has a natural shine to it. I am sure that the more I use these products the better the results will be, but for the first time of using most of the products, and all together too, I have been very impressed. 

I used the Sanctuary Revive morning wash as it has an orangey smell to it that's just divine, and whilst I washed in that I left a mask of 'Scrub Your Nose In It' on my face and the Herbal Essences shampoo in my hair to give them longer to work. Then I let the conditioner soak into my hair as I used the gloves, which are a pair of exfoliating gloves that I picked up in Superdrug the other day for 10p in a clearance! They are fantastic to use all over to help reduce dull looking skin, prevent streaks from self tanning, reduce a fair number of visable ingrown hairs on legs from epilating/shaving, and finally scratch that itch on your back that your nails can't quite get... I like how awake and refreshed I feel all over when I finish with a quick scrub down with the gloves; ready to moisturise my legs with my Veet Hair Minimising lotion.

After all that pampering, I blow dried my hair, forced myself not to put make-up on so as to let my skin breathe after all that attention, and then sat down and enjoyed a brunch of poached eggs of toast. Can a lazy Sunday at home get any more self indulging?! Almost...

My sister and I then modelled some old clothes in the garden so Ma can put them on Ebay! Which means I now have more coat hangers freed up to start putting some of my other clothes back into my wardrobe rather than cramming them into my draws. Ahhh... that reminds me! I cannot wait to get my stuff into my room at my new flat at uni in September; super large wardrobe and double bed! I've never had a double bed before!!! Heaven! Once I have decorated the place I will have to post some pictures, for it will be amazing! Fairy lights, floral/delicate bedding, my decorative tea cup and saucer I used as a tea light holder, and all my other super cute girly possessions! Haha! Oh to think I used to a little emo kid at 13...

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