Monday, 23 July 2012

Product review - Bourjois glitter gel nail polish

Today, I went to the beach and I decided to keep my toe nails glittery after Friday night out.

I put two coats of the Bourjois nail polish in 'rose' on first, before putting two coats of the glitter gel polish. I'd advice on putting a manicure/fleshy/pale colour on as your base coat, for two reasons:

1) The peachy colour underneath the glitter enhances the colour of the glitter; it intensifies the purple hue of the polish.
2) An actually base coat will give you too many layers. From experience of wearing it with a base coat on my finger nails I know that it's going to chip and peel off very easily.

So now I've told you how to wear I suppose I ought to tell you why you should wear it!

The glitter in the polish holds it together nicely, making it longer wearing. So it's great to wear at the beach with all the abrasive salt water and sand and rocks and shells.

It just adds that bit of 'omph' to your whole beach look, as we all know how 'icky' and grubby we feel after having the sea-side wind blow at our hair and dry out our skin all day. Plus, it shine and sparkles so much in the sun and shallow waters that your friends will notice just how amazing your feet look.

In a sentence; it adds some magic to your beach day.

4 out of 5  

(sorry for awful phone picture quality and my funny stumpy toes)

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