Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fashion loves

Today I wanted to show you two of my guilty pleasures, and by 'guilty' I mean, I  really shouldn't love it but I cannot help it.

It's my rabbit fur coat... (Please don't hate me!)

 (Sorry if this offends any one, that is not my intention at all.)
I bought it in Camden Market not long ago and I was told it's vintage (but I could have easily have been lied too), and I just could not have not bought it. It is the most ridiculously perfect thing I have ever bought and cost me £105. Loads of people will hate me for it too. But know this, I'm so in love with vintage fashion that that love includes the crazy things like fur coats and crocodile handbags etc. If it had been fox fur, however, I may not have bought it, because I know that the fox (both Red and Arctic) do not living in as much abundance as rabbits do; foxes are too rare to wear. This is the only fur item I own, and I don't plan on buying any more. Nor do I promote killing animals for fur in the modern day, rather I do promote loving the fur items that are already out there so that animal didn't die for no reason.

Another, probably less guilty pleasure, is this yellow jumper...

(sorry this is the only picture I have of it right now)

Some 'people' took a British Heart foundation bag for charity off of someone's door step and ripped open the bag beyond fixing it up and took nearly all the clothes in it, only leaving this jumper and a couple of other things down our alley way. My ma found it all and collected it up to take to the charity shop but not before I claimed the jumper and asked for Mum to wash it for me! It's size 18-20(UK) and it's huge, but everyone needs a big comfy jumper. It's like having one of my Dad's jumpers that I used to wear all the time as a child whenever I was cold. I love to match this jumper up with skinny jeans for a trip into town or to uni/college, or with my H&M black stretch tube mini skirt and tights for a more comfortable/easier to bend in outfit. Big jumpers can tone down any outfit, and add a sense of 'comfy' to anything; some sees you in an oversized jumper, they instantly think "she looks comfy, and snuggly!" and you don't look like a 'chav' as we call them here by having to wear tracksuit bottoms and vests to get comfy, just grab a stretchy skirt and tight and your fave oversized jumper and you still look cute! Problemo solved ;)

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